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idyll minds

Rock and dance covers that will blow your minds!

Coming Soon To A Venue Near You!!
PHILIP - Guitars and Vocals
DAVID - Vocals
JUDE - Sound, Vocals, Keyboards and Guitar
JOSHUA D - Drums and Sequencing
JOSHUA M - Bass, Vocals and Lights

Next Gig...

Idyll Minds  was born from 35 years of friendship and a love of music.  It continues to be about friends having fun and making good music. 

We always try to play the best assortment of rock and dance covers we can to keep you entertained.  We don't want to play the same songs you can hear everywhere else.

We want to play in clubs that care about promoting live music and share the passion that we have for what we do
Thanks to everyone that comes out to watch.  You give us the opportunity to do what we love.

So we welcome old and new friends to come out and check out the band.  Be ready to enjoy a great night out and have some fun! 


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