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Jude has been the primary FOH sound tech since the beginning of Idyll Minds.   She's the reason the band always sounds good.   Jude grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (unfortunately as a Steelers fan) and began playing guitar when she was only 10 years old.  
In the thriving Pittsburgh music scene, Jude got her first experience with live sound.  Its always been her ear and attention to detail that sets her apart.   She approaches each and every song, at each and every performance, like a recording engineer mixing a record.  She insists on every instrument and voice sitting in the mix where it belongs for that song.   She continues to keep up on the latest technology to improve her skillset.  Jude also scouts every new venue and decides where we are going to set up the FOH speaker array and the mixing board for optimum coverage and effectiveness.
Jude also allows us to do songs we otherwise couldn't do, adding some keyboard and second guitar parts from her location at the mixing board.   She also has been known to add a vocal part or two.   Audiences are also treated to at least a few songs every night where she takes the stage and belts out a lead vocal performance. 
Jude belting out a song at Lou's Cafe
"Its OK... he's my husband!"
Jude adding keyboard parts from the sound board area!
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