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2022 Schedule

(David is making me do this for another year!)

Best Of Idyll Minds Posters...

Tavern On The Hill January.JPG
Renegades April.JPG
Escada September.JPG
Devlins Pub February.JPG
the pines January 1.JPG
Lous Cafe March III.JPG
tavern on the hill october.JPG
Dans Place August.JPG
Dans April.JPG
Lizs MarchI.JPG
luxury box april 2.JPG
Irish Rose November.JPG
Dans Place December.JPG
Escada September 2.JPG
Lou's September.JPG
1150 oak march 2.jpg
new poster.JPG
Genesis September.JPG
tavern on the hill december.JPG
whiskey bottle cityside.JPG
Corner Pocket Cinco De Mayo 2.JPG
autumnfest 2017.jpg
tavern on the hill july 2.jpg
Skyline November 2.JPG

Catch Jude, David and Philip in Dave and the Angells

Catch Joshua Morse in The Super Morse Brothers

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