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Idyll Minds Sound was the secret to the success behind Idyll Minds Band. Provide consistently great sound and people will actually notice.

Idyll Minds Band had been around for eleven years on the Rhode Island music scene.  Since the early days we decided we would differentiate ourselves by sounding great every night.  Idyll Minds Sound was the sound behind the band.


Now we've moved to Northwestern Pennsylvania and we're making people notice.

Top gear from Midas, Yorkville, QSC, DBX, Crest,TurboSound, RCF, Shure, Sennheiser, etc. does make a difference.

Often people would approach us at our own gigs to ask if we would run sound for other bands.  The answer is yes!  Bars, clubs, weddings, or outdoor fairs and festivals.  If you're ready for great live sound, give us a call.

We'd love to run sound for your band's next gig!

Some Satisfied Customers:o

Screaming Vincents.jpg

The Screaming Vincents

Twisted Mistress.jpg

Twisted Mistress

Saucy Jack.jpg

The Saucy Jack Band

Narragansett Soul.jpg

Narragansett Soul

The Smokin Toads.jpg

The Smokin Toads

Get Lucky Band

get lucky logo.jpg

Union Overdrive

dan Douglas Band

Dan Douglas Music.jpg
Tune In Tokyo.jpg

Tune In Tokyo

Forgotten Country

forgotten country


Bad Habit Sticker.jpg

Bad Habit

Northern Accents

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