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Joshua comes from a family of musicians.   His dad is the long time keyboard legend in Rhode Island, Don Morse.   His twin brother Justin is a drummer.  His younger brother Joe is a rising original guitarist, singer, and song writer, and his sister Jennifer is a talented artist and singer. 

Luckily for us, Joshua decided to be a bass player!

In his spare time, Joshua and his brother Justin have created the exciting musical duo, The Super Morse Brothers.   Check them out as they tour the area coffee shops and open mic nights.  As described on their Facebook page:

"The Super Morse Brothers are dedicated to playing great music from various genres and eras. Performing a mix of music sure to please just about everyone. They take a great deal of pride in performing songs that have no Godly reason being performed with a Uke and Cajon. Lacking any seriousness, and just enough talent to be dangerous, the brothers are simply looking to have a good time and hope you'll join."

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