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Jim started his musical journey with his friend Philip Angell in the band, Within Inches, along with Brian Grochowski, Mark Brillon and Jim Pascal. 

Jim played rhythm guitar and Phil played bass.   They were literally learning how to play the instruments one song at a time but having lots of fun.

His early career really took off in the 80's with the Northern Rhode Island band, Legacy, along with brothers Mike and Dave Pereira, Jim Pelletier, Mickey Chapdelaine, and eventually Brian Cooney.  They played many local clubs and colleges.  While that was 35 years ago, the name still brings back memories to many of their old fans. 
Jim L (center) in Legacy...
Jim joined  the band UVL on bass & vocals and played the wedding circuit in Woonsocket for years.   Anyone growing up in Northern Rhode Island in the 70's, 80's or 90's certainly knew of the band, UVL... chances are good they played a wedding you attended!
He worked for the Richard Carr booking agency for years playing the RI club circuit in bands such as A Million Pictures... Shakedown... and Dawn Patrol... playing bass and adding vocals in the band along with former Idyll Minds drummer, Bradley Charles.
He later  teamed up with Tiny Tavares from the 70's super group Tavares and worked as the bassist...background singer...and musical arranger for Tiny. 
Jim L (second row, left) in Dawn Patrol...
Jim L (second from right) with Tiny Tavares...
Jim performed with Nuno Bettencourt from the 90's band "Extreme" on stage in 2014 and played bass with Nuno on a session with him on Tama Girard's song, "Sold for Free".
Jim L with Nuno Bettencourt (2014)...

Jim had the privilege of getting to play the drums with good friends Peter Saint Amant, Dean Bagdasarian, and Norm Pellerin in the local rock band Mystic Vibe.

He is also a member of the experimental/original band Option Y that have released a CD of original music available on Amazon.

Jim is an avid composer and producer,     He plays the bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, blues harp and sings lead and background vocals.

He enjoyed his time in the band, especially the camaraderie with Phil, Dave and Joe Cesar... who have been his friends for over 45 years.
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