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A native of New Jersey, Alan started his percussion career at the age of 9 after having dabbled for a few years with piano, trumpet and trombone.  His exploits took him through grade school and high school wind ensemble, marching, jazz bands and several rock jam bands with friends and cats from New York.  Early influences such as (Narada) Michael Walden, Bill Cobham, John Bonham, Lenny White, Stewart Copeland, Rod Morgenstein and Simon Phillips were pivotal to his education, training and grounding in music.
After leaving high school Alan went on to Arizona State University where he studied Jazz as a minor and in parallel played in jazz and 80s club bands throughout that time.  One gig in particular with Mind Over Matter, a primarily 80s cover band that also wrote and performed several original songs, had a particularly good response and went on to open for bands such as In Living Color.  Several other notorious Arizona contemporary and experimental jazz/rock gigs also helped to round out Alan’s early career as a musician.
Post ASU, Alan had the opportunity to be employed at PolyGram Records for a period, obtaining exposure to major label groups and musicians such as Pat Metheny, Tears for Fears, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, and even Pavarotti!
After a long hiatus earning a living, raising his children and playing in the occasional random situations that crossed his transom, Alan reemerged back onto the Rhode Island and Southern Mass scene to again showcase his percussion talents in cover bands and other musical endeavors.

Alan went on to be a founding member of Idyll Minds.   His fantastic drumming and vision not only helped the band get up and playing, but he was instrumental in helping the band through several line-up changes.   Life has taken him down to North Carolina and to some new musical opportunities.  He's going to be missed. 


Alan played several years in the Raleigh band,  Vertigo.  He's currently got something new in the works and we can't wait!

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